City Clean NSW​ provides a range of services covering everything from small residential buildings to large high rise and corporate office buildings, specialising in all aspects of window cleaning. We also excel in repair, maintenance, technical services and a range of height safety services, delivering unmatched quality, value and consistency across our range of property services.

Our access methods include - but are not limited to - abseiling for high rise window cleaning, BMU, elevated platform and high wash water fed pole systems.

  • BMU (Building Maintenance Unit)

  • Abseiling (Industrial Rope Access)

  • Ladder/Extension Pole Work

  • High Wash System (Purified Water Extension Pole Work)

  • Elevated Platform Work (Cherry Pickers/Scissor Lifts/Single Man Lifts)

  • Height Safety Systems

  • Minor Repair Work, Sign Installation, Painting, Bird Eradication (Bird Spikes)

  • High Pressure Cleaning


  • Extensive experience of the property maintenance and window cleaning industry

  • Understanding and tailoring to the expectations of each individual property requirement (big or small)

  • Cost efficiency of the highest standard, plus quality service

  • Careful project management

  • Careful selection of environmentally-friendly products and chemicals

  • Competent, experience, and trustworthy staff

  • Complete attention to all Occupation Health & Safety standards